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(Sponsored) Vote For Carlina Rivera, Daughter of the District

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Carlina Rivera

Dear Voter,

You have an important decision today. You have to ask yourself, who will have your back in the City Council for the next four years? I know what issues will be on your mind as you make that decision because, as your lifelong neighbor in the Lower East Side, they have been on my mind too.

I have been asked by neighbors and allies to run because I work collaboratively and always operate with the facts. My track record of accomplishment has been achieved through coalition-building, and together we have been able to build affordable housing in Essex Crossing and fight predatory landlords, enhance senior services through our incredible settlement houses, improve school programming and equity in School District 1, and become more resilient against disasters like Hurricane Sandy and the Second Ave Explosion.

During this time of Trump, we need someone who has a history of standing up to powerful forces. As a homegrown leader who has battled big industries, greedy landlords and City Hall, my experience professionally and personally has brought me into many spaces to understand the realities of everyday people and politics at every level.

I want the residents here to be proud of their representative, and I am ready to bring a new energy that makes government accessible and always puts the people first. We have a strong history of progressive leadership and local movements that have kept our neighborhoods authentic and resilient. I am running because I respect and honor this history and understand the nuances of every neighborhood in the district.

I know I am the candidate best equipped to represent every resident and diverse community in District 2, my home and where I hope to age in place. Please vote for me on Primary Day, Tuesday, September 12.



Carlina Rivera

City Council Candidate, District 2


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