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“A Murder on Orchard Street” Debuts on ABC Platforms Oct. 3

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The ABC News program Nightline is revisiting an unsolved Lower East Side murder case from 15 years ago.

On Tuesday, Oct. 3, A Murder on Orchard Street will debut in what ABC is calling a “multi-platform docu-series.” The seven-part online production, with a companion podcast, focuses on the story of 25-year-old Burke O’Brien.  The aspiring banker had just arrived in New York City when he was shot and killed outside 75 Orchard St. in the early morning hours of Jan. 12, 2003.

According to a press release, the series, “features unprecedented behind-the-scenes access to the NYPD’s investigation, from the first moments after the homicide of… O’Brien in 2003 to present day.” The network is touting a potential new clue in the investigation after all of these years:

In A Murder on Orchard Street, ABC News producer and reporter Christina Kiely, who covered the O’Brien case moment-to-moment in 2003, joins ex-NYC detective Kenny Silvia in a renewed effort to solve the crime and bring the murderer(s) to justice. While reviewing original case footage, Kiely stumbles upon a possible new lead that could change the course of the case completely. The series features nearly every player involved in the case – both then and now – including the detectives, the victim’s family and the people who were there in those fateful final moments. “Taking a fresh look at a captivating case like this one allows us an opportunity to creatively showcase our rich archive in a new and dynamic way,” said Roxanna Sherwood, Executive Producer of the series. “My hope is that the story will engage the public to help unravel new details and clues that could mean the difference for a family waiting so long to see justice done.”

Police up wanted posters on Orchard Street in 2014.
Police up wanted posters on Orchard Street in 2014.

O’Brien had been staying with a former college roommate who lived in an apartment on Orchard Street. After a night of partying with friends, they returned to the apartment at around 4 a.m.  After handing over $12, O’Brien quarreled with the robbers and was fatally shot. The friend was wrongly accused of the murder before cops realized they’d made a mistake, and charges were dropped. It’s not the first time ABC has focused on the case. The murder was the subject of the program NYPD 24/7 in 2004.

The first five episodes will be available next Tuesday online at ABCNews.com, and on streaming platforms, including Roku, Apple TV, Hulu and Xbox One. The accompanying podcast will also be accessible via Apple and on other podcast services.

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