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NYU Furman Center Report: State of the Lower East Side

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The NYU Furman Center is out with its annual report, “State of New York City’s Housing & Neighborhoods.” As usual, the report offers snapshots of each community board. Let’s take a look at how the Lower East Side (Community District 3) is changing.

–Researchers looked at household income between 2011-2015 in comparison with the year 2000. Throughout the entire period, 28% of the households in CD3 were in the lowest income category ($20,000/year or less). Meanwhile, households in the $40,000-60,000 range dropped by around 5%. There’s was a similar increase in households earning between $100,000-250,000.

–The median household income (in 2016 dollars) has stayed essentially the same, at $42,720. That compares with Manhattan as a whole ($56,350).

–Between 2000 and 2015, the Lower East Side/Chinatown became more white (33% of the population vs. 28% when the new century began).  The Latino population held mostly steady in that time period (it was 26.6% in 2015). The Asian population dropped from 34.8% to 30.4%.

–The proportion of households with children has fallen over the years, from 22% in the year 2000 to 14.5% in 2015.

–The median rent in 2000 was $780 compared with $1,090 today (these figures were adjusted for inflation in 2016 dollars).

You can have a look at the Lower East Side report below and the full survey by following this link.


Furman Center 2016 Report: Lower East Side by The Lo-Down on Scribd

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