Lower East Side Links

–Here’s a summary of discussions at Community Board 3’s land use committee this week about Chinatown rezoning and an environmental review in the Two Bridges area. [City Limits]

–More on the Two Bridges environmental review: Local activists are especially concerned that the study will not examine the impact of new development on rent regulated housing. [Curbed]

–A red-tailed hawk died in Sara D. Roosevelt Park after eating rat poison. The hawk was discovered in January and taken to an animal hospital, but heroic efforts to nurse it back to health failed. [The Daily News]

–Gary Altman, “the institutional memory of the New York City Council,” is retiring. Altman is a Lower East Side resident and president of the East River Co-op. [AMNY]

–“Learning from Jane Jacobs;” thoughts on a new documentary film. [New York Times]

–The Flower Shop on Eldridge Street, “attracts millennials who look like the cast of Girls, all bobbing their heads to Willie Nelson tunes.” [Observer]

–Daredevil Tattoo is celebrating its 20th anniversary on the Lower East Side tonight. [Facebook Invite]