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What Makes Our Pre-K Special, Sponsored by the Evolution Enrichment Center

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Evolution Enrichment Center (EEC) is a perfect “one stop solution” for parents looking for Preschool,  Pre-K for All,  Afterschool with extended hours and a Summer Camp in the same place.

Our Preschool offers ongoing enrollment for ages 2 to 5.  Families with two or three children can always count on special discounts for siblings, even if one child goes to a free Pre-K For All and another is in a different program.

What makes Evolution Enrichment Center special? Why should parents looking for PreK for their 4 year olds absolutely come for a tour to check out what this school on the Lower East Side has to offer?
Evolution Classroom3

Here’s what families can expect from the school and teachers when their child is enrolled in our Pre-K program:

Karina Reyes, PreK  For All Teacher, Classroom #1:

Pre-K For All  at Evolution surpasses the use of the units of study that teachers are supposed to follow, according to Pre-K Foundation for the Common Core Learning Standards. We go above and beyond the Pre-K for All program quality standards and any limits that have been set for us.  At Evolution we integrate different progressive teaching techniques that allow multiple intelligence levels to engage.

We are inviting families to build a strong and collaborative relationship with the preschool community. With our open door policy, families are encouraged to join in for group meetings, celebrations and experiments within the classroom.

Evolution circle time

Every year we take our students, families and relationships a bit further. If I had my own children, they would definitely be enrolled in Evolution. I would feel very secure knowing that they were in a warm, inviting and engaging environment.


Jacqueline Wong, Pre-K For All teacher, Classroom #2:

The Pre-K program at Evolution offers a school setting unlike any other in NYC. The bright, spacious classrooms are carefully designed to help encourage learning and growth for children of all different abilities. You will be hard pressed to find a more beautiful, child friendly classroom in NYC.

The classroom layout helps enable children to become independent learners with carefully planned guidance from the teachers. Children not only grow academically from our enriching curriculum, but they also learn to love school and love exploring their world. We also incorporate G&T material into their daily classroom activities, allowing us to bring a child’s education to the next level.

Evolution Jackie with girls

Families are also supported year round. We send weekly email updates on the learning in the classroom, including photographs of the children working. Free workshops are also held throughout the year on topics such as nutrition, G&T testing, and kindergarten admission. Teachers and staff are always available to help answer any questions and offer their support.

My own daughter attends the Evolution preschool program, part time, and she has absolutely flourished. She went from being a timid, anxious child to a social butterfly thanks to the hard work and patience from her teachers.  As a working mom, I love seeing photographs of her participating in different activities at Evolution. She comes home each night talking about what she learned. If I did not live in the Bronx, I would enroll her in the Pre-K program in a heartbeat.

Miho Fung, Mother of 3 Year Old Student at Evolution:

Our 3 year old son started attending the Evolution preschool about one year ago.  We visited about 7 preschools and decided to enroll our son at Evolution Enrichment Center  because 1) all students, teachers and staff look very happy there 2) excellent and clean facilities, with spacious classrooms and lots of natural sun light, many student restrooms, two gyms and an outdoor play space, which is very good for a very active boy like my son and 3)competitive tuition rates.  Before attending Evolution, our son was very shy and had strong attachment to me, but now he looks very happy to enjoy playing and learning with friends there thanks to his teacher’s  patience and hard work.  Evolution school staff responds to our questions very quickly,  and they have an open door policy due to which parents are always welcome to visit the school at anytime.

Now, we chose PreK  For All program  for next school year at Evolution Enrichment Center after we visited 8 public PreK sites because 1) cultural diversity 2)no feeling of overcrowded facilities and 3) we trust the school very much.  We feel so lucky that Evolution has Pre-K For All program!!


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Parents love Evolution Enrichment Center.  Recently, the preschool was awarded People Love Us on Yelp customer recognition reward.  Because parents’ appreciation of Evolution Enrichment Center is the key to their continued success!

Evolution Enrichment Center
38 Delancey Street, 2nd Floor, New York, NY, 1002
To schedule a tour, call 212-375-9500 or contact us online: EvolutionEnrichment.com/contact


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