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(Sponsored) The Importance of Play: A Few Things Every Parent Should Know

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Sending your child off to preschool marks a major transition not just for you, but for your little loved one. To ensure your toddler is ready to take the next step, Evolution Enrichment Center in the Lower East Side on New York City, offers now the fun, engaging preparatory program “Come Play Preschool” for 18-24 month toddlers that is designed as the first classroom experience to spark the natural curiosity of the little ones, their sensory exploration that would promote development of gross motor- and small motor skills, building the confidence and introducing them to initial social skills as they interact and play with their peers.


The early childhood education center understands the importance of stimulating young minds. By firing up the learning process as early in life as possible, studies show children perform better academically and socially in the years, and even decades, to come. At the same time, the caring staff at Evolution Enrichment Center believes kids should be kids, letting loose and having fun. To strike this delicate balance, the center pairs learning with intellectually stimulating, team-building oriented, and physically invigorating play time!

By making learning fun, studies show that children absorb more information and expand their creative abilities. At Evolution Enrichment Center, the new and exciting “Come Play Preschool” classes reflect this mentality in every aspect. From exploring new languages to bending into some yoga poses, children will laugh, learn, and develop new skills. By the time it’s time to enroll in preschool, your child will be more than ready for the challenge.
For the preschool preparation your child needs to thrive, look no further than Evolution Enrichment Center in New York City. For more information about classes and activities for kids, call (212) 375-9500 or request info online at EvolutionEnrichment.com/contact.


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