Lower East Side Links

–Sheldon Silver asks a federal judge to delay his imprisonment until appeals are exhausted. One reason cited in court papers: an anticipated U.S. Supreme Court ruling that could weaken the anti-corruption statute used by the government in his prosecution. [Newsday]

–All this week, the NYPD will be cracking down on drivers who disrespect the city’s bike lanes. [Channel 7]

–Meet the entrepreneur determined to build a gondola over the East River to connect Williamsburg (the new Dubai) and the Lower East Side. [The New Yorker]

–The long dispute rages on between the Lower East Side Credit Union and residential tenants of 37 Avenue B. [DNA Info]

–Here’s a look at the lost photos of Andy Warhol, Ingrid Superstar, Lou Reed, John Cale and Edie Sedgwick on the Lower East Side in 1966. [New York Magazine]