Lower East Side Links

–A look at how Ben Shaoul’s luxury condos next to Katz’s Deli will change the Lower East Side. The story also includes an image from the new residential building replacing Streit’s Matzo. {New York Times]

–“Sheldon Silver doesn’t get it,” fumes the Times’ editorial board. Silver, “felon, symbol of all that is rotten in New York State government, is still ducking and weaving, saying much but revealing little, heedless of the shame and opprobrium clinging to him like cat hair on a coat.” [New York Times]

–A bouncer at “Dinner on Ludlow” shoved a man to the ground April 17. The victim required stitches. [DNA Info]

–A year ago, investigative reporters asked for documents from the city related to the operations of a group home in Brooklyn. Three boys escaped from that facility and raped a woman on Eldridge street. The city has not complied with the request. [Pro Publica]

–“Over the past 18 months or so,” writes Roberta Smith, “the Lower East Side has become gallery central for New York City. You can’t throw a cellphone without hitting a gallery, and quite a few are moving targets.” [New York Times]

–Ethan Hawke will join the jury for this year’s Lower East Side Film Festival. [Variety]