Lower East Side Links

–Democrats in Albany want $500 million for repairs of NYCHA buildings. [Daily News]

–Documents now in the public domain reveal that “about 28 percent of New York City apartments subject to rent limits can easily get around them. It takes New York housing officials six to nine months to resolve overcharge complaints from renters. And surprisingly few tenants ever file harassment complaints against their landlords.” [Pro Publica]

–Local elected officials say Lower Manhattan still needs an office to coordinate construction activity. [DNA Info]

–A Chinatown man has been found guilty of assaulting his teenage son with a meat cleaver. Sheng Zheng fled mid-trial and still has not been located. [Daily News]

–The Museum of the City of New York has a new exhibition on the Yiddish Theater that “shows how what began as traveling troupes performing for poor Jewish audiences in Europe turned into a major New York entertainment center that provided a vital escape for the Lower East Side’s sweatshop workers and pushcart peddlers at the start of the 20th century.” [New York Times]

–A pop-up “internet cafe” at an Orchard Street gallery finds itself in the news; “It was supposed to be an art exhibition exploring China’s censorship of the Internet. It became an example of how that censorship can reach all the way around the world, even onto Manhattan’s Lower East Side.” [Washington Post]

–The defunct Fung Wah bus line has now been immortalized with its own biennial. [Next City]