Photos: Construction Crews Work on Essex Crossing Sites 5 and 6

Site 5 with cement trucks_021116_P1020126 (1)
Photos by Kami Scott.

The bitter cold is not keeping the Essex Crossing construction crews from their work today. Once again, Lower East Side resident Kami Scott has some great shots from high above sites 5 and 6 of the huge mixed-use project in the former Seward Park urban renewal area. The crews were pouring concrete today and doing other work on the foundations of the buildings that will eventually rise on the parcels bordering Clinton and Broome streets.

Site 5-NE corner-smoothing cement_021116_P1020137 (1)

Site 5-NW_021116_P1020134 (1)

Site 5-NW corner _021116_P1020133 (1)

Site 5-NW corner _021116_P1020136 (1)

Site 6_021116_P1020128 (1)