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Local Politicos React to Sheldon Silver’s Conviction

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October 2012: Silver joined community activists, other elected officials to protest the closing of the Cherry Street Pathmark store.
October 2012: Silver joined community activists, other elected officials to protest the closing of the Cherry Street Pathmark store.

People in the community have now had a little bit of time to process yesterday’s conviction of Sheldon Silver on federal corruption charges.  Here are some of the comments we’ve gathered in the past 24 hours from local politicos.

State Sen. Daniel Squadron:

From the facts in the trial to the fact that our community has joined the growing list that has lost a representative to criminal conviction, this must be another urgent call to change how Albany works — closing the LLC loophole, campaign finance reform, and more. It’s certainly somber for many in Lower Manhattan, where he was a stalwart on issues like rebuilding after 9/11 and school overcrowding, and across the state, where there is no joy in again being reminded just how broken our state government is.

City Council member Margaret Chin:

As an elected official who proudly represents some of the same people who repeatedly put their faith in one man to further their best interests in Albany, I have been troubled by the steady stream of revelations regarding Mr. Silver’s conduct. Today’s verdict by a jury of his peers confirms the worst of those allegations. By committing the crimes of which he now stands convicted, Mr. Silver betrayed the trust of voters who have the right to expect honesty, integrity, and ethics from their elected representatives.

John Quinn, Lower East Side Democrats:

We’ve lost a stabilizing force in our community. No matter what you might have thought about him, Shelly showed up. He was there when we needed him. The guy has done a lot of good things — from bringing new schools downtown to keeping senior centers open. It’s sad. I think we’re all in shock.

Virginia Kee, United Democratic Organization/Chinatown activist:

I feel very sad about it. Sheldon Silver has always been very helpful to our community. I think political leaders should be accessible and Sheldon Silver was always accessible to us. Whether it was improving the Grand Street subway or helping to fund our senior lunch program, he did a lot. I don’t know about the case, about the trial and the accusations. But I think he should not just be judged (on the details of the case) but also on the good that he did over many years.

And finally, Sean Sweeney of Downtown Independent Democrats (DID), noted that the citywide and statewide press are having a field day denouncing Silver. While pointing out that Silver was never particularly supportive of DID candidates, Sweeney said he always found him to be courteous and respectful. Silver, he added, was not someone you wanted to cross and could be ruthless. But, Sweeney concluded, it’s undeniable that he did good things for Lower Manhattan.

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  1. It is a sad day that Councilwoman Chin delivers the biggest rebuke of disgraced Sheldon Silver. Senator Squadron’s was too polite. UDO and Lower East Side Democrats were / are part of the Shelly machine.

    Shelly was a “stalwart” for his own gain (and his cronies) be it financial, political or vengeful.

    Anything good he did came at a cost to others. He was/is a very bad man. Good riddance!

  2. Finally what had become a cancer is now removed. Person+Power+Long Time= Corruption.
    He should rot in hell!

  3. That he has outspoken supporters in prominent positions within neighborhood organizations who now profess bewilderment or indulge in middling finger wags, shows how utterly routine a sideline of political corruption and pocket lining is for NYC politicians. The scams he ran for is own benefit are just the usual dull everyday conduct for his social strata in the city. Government prosecutors could easily empty Albany if they put the resources to it.

  4. Grand street has already fallen into shambles, garbage in huge piles, trees ripped out, Crack everywhere, crime rampant. Potholes so deep, cars fall in. Seniors booted to the street. Fires burn for hours before the FDNY shows up. Every night there is another drive by suing.

  5. I notice that other commenters have pointed out the hypocrisy of Margaret Chin in now denouncing Silver. His club had a fundraiser earlier this year – after he got indicted – and apparently Chin was the only elected official in attendance.
    Who does she think she’s kidding with her denouncements now?
    This woman has the morals and honor of a weasel.

  6. Maybe he won’t get sentenced to any jail time and this is just a pivot because Chinatown is ready to represent itself as part of the greater machinery as opposed to a force to be reckoned with like San Francisco. Maybe Chinatown’s politicians were SPURA’d until today just like the more mainstream Black faces of power in NYC politics? Everyone is part of the system now. No surprises.

    I don’t think we need any more voices especially from someone who has no interest in being fair to landlords in Chinatown/Little Italy. It makes it worse to see her condemnation on someone who is in straits – he might be awful – he might be part of the reason that AAFE went after us without telling us, that our taxes are so high but it doesn’t help to see Margaret say what she thinks she is supposed to say. Margaret could start singing in Romanian and it wouldn’t matter because for some unknown reason, Margaret can do whatever she wants. She could be standing next to the devil himself and NBC would still be showering her in rainbow glitter as the founder of AAFE who is so protective and kind to the Chinese community.

    Thanks for nothing – actually WORSE than nothing. AAFE was instrumental in devastating us at an already bad time for my family and to hear you and CAAAV constantly villifying Chinese landlords and business owners even going to their houses in newspaper – what about your home – let’s talk about your real estate, your rent regulated history, how about how much you’ve given back out of pocket compared to regulated owners who are SO greedy that they are overtaxed on overassessed real estate taxes and because they are impossible to pay, they are charged 22 percent interest on the overcharged amount – so you can collect your salary, so Melissa Mark Viveritos can wipe taxes on fines for her FRIEND’s “nonprofit” when I doubt that these people work for free like my family does.

  7. It shouldn’t be the people in his party who probably knew and were doing the same thing in other areas who should now be talking cleaning up corruption and correction because it just makes it worse that so many people were involved, knew what was going on and to this day will not look at the inequity of property taxes which are vulnerable to certain certiorari firms having a special relationship with various politicians because the tax assessments are not transparent and they are not bothered that they openly do not want to answer simple questions about how the tax is assessed as if it is an adversarial relationship with the taxed entity instead of a representational one.

    Taxation without representation – remember that?



  8. If there was a report of a gas leak, the owner, the plumber, Con Ed would be looking into it.

    Oh, a problem with property taxes – IGNORE it because overassessing regulated owners who can’t afford Adam Leitman Bailey is how we get our salary increases.

  9. but how come everyone acts like they have NO power and are just the shufflers who are careful to not offend the Speaker and the Public Advocate – there’s this clique and it includes Jumaane Williams, Scott Stringer and Margaret Chin – but everybody else acts like they are vulnerable and public opinion or support does not matter – only if you agree with the top bananaz.

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