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Sponsored Post: How to Prepare for the New SATs

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Due to the fact that the redesigned SAT is still being finalized, it’s hard to find study sources online. Perhaps, some of you have heard that the College Board will release a new version of the SAT in 2016. So, how can you prepare for this?

For starters, those who are in the Class of 2017 or older should take the current version of the SAT. That way, you’ll still be able to utilize the existing study sources.

However, if you’re younger and want to get yourself ready, expect that this would be a little challenging, but we’re here to help with SAT prep.

Reading Study Guide 

All questions on the redesigned SAT Reading sections are based on passages with specific topics, such as world literature, history science passages, social science passages, and the like.

Also, the new SAT won’t contain vocabulary in isolated questions, the emphasis will focus on defining something based on context.

In the old SAT, vocabulary is important if you want to pass. Although it’s still important in the new SAT, there will be a set of context clues to help the examinees. So, aside from studying the vocabulary words, it will also be helpful to read in advance, and test your ability in understanding context clues.

Writing Study Guide

Knowing the English grammar rules is still essential. Thus, it’s ideal to study by learning the English grammar rules by heart, and not by the book.

The ACT English practice questions can help you in preparing yourself, because the new SAT writing questions will slightly be similar to these.

New SAT Essay Study Guide

It’s important to note that the new SAT essay is almost similar to the AP English Language and Composition Free Response question two.

Those who are taking the AP English Language will find it helpful when it comes to preparing for the new SAT essay.

However, for those who are not taking this, they can still use the past free response question for practice.

Math Study Guide

The old study principles are still in place. Basically, if you want to do well in this, you have to find your weak spots and focus on them. Test your abilities by answering practice problems that you find difficult.

Final Advice

Due to the fact that taking the newly designed SAT is similar to the ACT, it’s recommended that you try taking the ACT first. The format hasn’t changed and there’s a number of resources existing online that can help you.




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