Sponsored Post: Karpoff Affiliates Apartment of the Week

2 2nd St Jersey City

This unit is located within the beautiful, all-new construction condominium complex known as Crystal Point. This property is arguably the best, most sought-after and most ideally situated condominium on the Jersey City “Gold Coast.”

I am the first and original owner of this apartment unit/home and have taken great steps/measures to ensure that every aspect of my home is properly maintained and in perfect working condition. I have also added some important/key upgrades to the unit, such as privacy window film, which is almost entirely invisible and prevents potential onlookers from seeing into the apartment unit during the day time. This privacy film also blocks most of the harmful UV rays, effectively minimizing discoloration of the furniture and flooring within the unit and helping to reduce the costs associated with heating and cooling the unit.

I have also added high-end, custom window treatments, a rain shower unit and a custom, handmade, curved built-in art glass table/bar/island (which I personally designed and a well known glass artist built especially for me), as well as a few other minor improvements.

2 2nd St., Apt. 708, Jersey City, NJ

1 bed 1 bath, 869 sqft

Price: $850,000

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Contact: Marilyn Karpoff
Licensed Real Estate Broker
Phone: 212.358.8044 or mkarpoff@karpoffaffiliates.com