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Sponsored Post: Furniture-as-a-Service – Change Furniture as Often as You Change Apartments

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Have you ever:
– Spent thousands of dollars to get quality furniture?
– Settled for cheap furniture because of your budget?
– Had to deal with hauling your furniture?
– Ended up wasting usable pieces during a move?
– Hired moving companies because your furniture is too big and heavy to move?

Let’s face it, New Yorkers move frequently and it is not easy. It can make you realize that your furniture simply does not fit by size or style any longer. Outgrowing or changing styles is a normal part of life, but we are held back by the inconvenience of getting rid of unwanted furniture and the massive costs of buying new ones.

What if you did not have to choose between quality and savings? What if you could get top quality brand name furniture AND keep your cash in your wallet? What if delivery was handled for you, for free?

Furniture On Demand
Furnishare provides furniture-as-a-service and delivers quality, brand name furniture to your home. You select the pieces you want for as low as $50/month per any 3 pieces – ANY, even beds and sofas – and they will deliver them to you. Every piece is professionally cleaned and picked up for free when you are done with your subscription. Moving to a new apartment? You are free to get a whole new set!

Furniture Subscriptions Are The Future
Do you see yourself living in the same place with the same stuff in 5 years? Probably not. Why should your furniture remain the same?

There is no reason to pay thousands of dollars upfront and then deal with moving the furniture every time you change apartments. With Furnishare, you can furnish your entire home for a year for the same monthly price as your cell phone or utility bills – up to 3 pieces at $50/month, 6 pieces at $100/month, 9 pieces at $150/month, etc.

For The People And The Environment
According to the EPA, we waste 11 million tons of furniture yearly in the United States. Furniture is the second largest waste category and the number 1 least recycled household item. Current methods of exchanging or selling furniture are simply not sufficient.

With every piece you rent, you are helping make quality living an abundance while saving Earth’s precious resources. Let Furnishare do the hard work and divert landfill waste while you keep your peace of mind and money.

Your Furniture Style Can Keep Up With You
With Furnishare’s “furniture on demand” model and free white glove delivery service, furnishing a new space or updating your current home is easy. You can even try short subscriptions like 3 or 6 months if you want to experiment with some cool new styles!

When you are done with your subscription, Furnishare will pick the furniture up for free.
Start living with all the benefits of furniture and none of the hassle or costs at www.furnishare.it.



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