Lower East Side Links

The city’s voluntary inclusionary housing program, which encourages developers to build affordable units, had a very good year. More than 3,000 apartments were created in FY2015, triple the number built the previous year. Uncertainty about the mayor’s housing policies and a booming market are two reasons for the spike (Politico New York).

The mayor hasn’t read NYCHA’s $250,000 study showing (to no one’s surprise) that public housing residents do not benefit from gentrification (Daily News).

Local 138 bartender Alana Reali posted a fake Craigslist ad for a $30/week “hip artist loft” on the Lower East Side, alongside a photo of the Ludlow Street bar’s graffiti-adorned bathroom. She was flooded with inquiries (Post).

A preview of the Lowline Lab, opening in a vacant building of the Essex Street Market on Saturday (Bloomberg Business).

At Louis B. James’s Orchard Street gallery: wartime rubble, two dozen parakeets and a colony of bullfrogs (Hyperallergic).