Follow-up: Water Main Ruptured on Cherry Street

Cherry Street near Rutgers Slip.

Cherry Street near Rutgers Slip.
Cherry Street near Rutgers Slip. Photo: Two Bridges Tower Tenant Association.

Here’s an update on that water main that burst on Cherry Street, near Rutgers Slip yesterday afternoon. It happened alongside the construction site where Extell Development is building a 72-story tower.

About an hour ago, the Department of Environmental Protection reported that service has been restored. Earlier today, a press officer with the agency told us no residential customers were impacted when the water line was shut down yesterday. The cause of the rupture was still “under investigation.”

Last night, a representative from Extell said the rupture was “unrelated to the Extell site.” And a Con Ed spokesman confirmed the utility had a crew performing steam work in a manhole a couple of blocks away yesterday. There was also a crew doing electrical work about 100 feet east of the break. But there were no crews performing excavation work at the location where the pipe burst.

In the past, area residents have expressed concerns about cratering on Cherry Street. Extell’s contractor has repaired the street on more than one occasion.