David Owens Vintage Makes the Move to 161 Rivington St.

David Owens Vintage, 161 Rivington St.

161 Rivington St.
161 Rivington St.

In profiling David Owens Vintage in the spring of 2014, we noted that the 13-year-old shop had staying power, persevering while so many other boutiques had shuttered. Recently, Owens showed a little bit of that resourceful spirit upon being driven out of his space at 154 Orchard St.

The shop has now relocated to a smaller space at 164 Rivington St., near Clinton Street. Linda Lavalle, Owens’ wife, explained to us what happened in the original location. She said the property owner suddenly levied a large property tax bill on top of the rent that they had already paid.  “We decided to move to a less expensive storefront,” she said. “We did not want to be paying rent in addition to the large tax bill…”

Lavalle added, “We’re hoping to make a go of it in the new location. I see us independents as a dying part of retail culture in NYC.”

The building owner on Orchard Street is Abraham Noy of Helm Management.  The Rivington space was previously occupied by Narnia, a vintage shop that closed after 13 years to focus more attention on a Brooklyn location.

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