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“The Comfort” is Closed Until After Labor Day (Updated)

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Some New York restaurants take a break in the summer for a week or two. But a sign on the door of “The Comfort,” the nine-month old establishment at 399 Grand St. reads, “We are closed for vacation. We apologize for any inconvenience. We’ll see you after Labor Day.”

Given “The Comfort’s” struggles since opening last October, people in the neighborhood will quickly come to the conclusion that the place is finished for good. Owner Ira Freehof opened the business as a full-service diner, but then dropped “diner” from the name and ditched breakfast. There were also issues with service and problems retaining a staff, plus the biggest challenge of all — a lack of customers.

We have contacted Freehof and the management of the Seward Park Cooperative, “The Comfort’s” landlord. More to come…

UPDATE 7/28: Owner Ira Freehof told us this afternoon, “The goal is to re-open after Labor Day with a menu that totally distances itself from the diner image. I felt that would be more easily accomplished by taking a month off and relaunching.”

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  1. Finally the community is responding to these assholes. No one would go to a place like this as a bar, it was food or die. The owners deserve what they got, hopefully they lost a fortune.

  2. my daughter and I went to eat there, and she found a bug in her food, well that’s a good way to say we going on vacation, but we all know that’s not true.

  3. Too bad, cuz I had been looking forward to a place in the neighborhood with decent food and prices. But we’ve been twice and the service was terrible, the food mediocre at best, and it was overpriced. BTW, “Les Enfants Terribles” has reemerged as “Les Enfants de Bohème” at 117 Henry. Give it a try…we were happy.

  4. The place was not the greatest – but it was nowhere nearly as bad as some reviewers say, and their Greek salad is pretty good, as is their bread. And how many sidewalk cafes do we have in this neighborhood? I was hoping it would shake off the bugs (so to speak) and take off. And what ever happened to Tables on Grand? I don’t see any progress there.

  5. “…a menu that totally distances itself from the diner image.” — but that’s exactly the problem, a lot of local residents that I’ve spoken with want a diner, always had the expectation that they were getting a diner, and can’t figure out why The Comfort opened as some kind of hybrid diner/upscale restaurant and then kept moving further and further away from the diner concept.

  6. What a disaster! The neighborhood wanted a quality diner. What we got instead was a crappy one, with ludicrous aspirations. Guys, it’s not gonna work.

  7. Looking forward to a real diner opening in that space vs. the wannabe bar with all the many false overly positive Yelp reviews,

  8. They had one job… run a decent diner. One job! What a disaster – a complete mismatch between owner aspirations and what the community wants / was promised. A bar? Distancing itself even more from the “diner image”? Yikes!! Even by Seward Park standards, this is a disaster.

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