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Picture This: Extell’s 68 Story Monster on the East River

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Rendering, 250 South St. by City Realty.
Rendering, 250 South St. by City Realty.

Extell Development’s massive project on the former Cherry Street Pathmark site is a neighborhood game-changer. Yet Gary Barnett’s high-profile firm has been cagey with details and renderings of the luxury condo tower under construction along the East River. Building height estimates have been all over the place, due to constantly shifting filings with the city. So the team at City Realty/6sqft took matters into their own hands and created their own renderings, showing the building dwarfing everything else in the Two Bridges neighborhood:

…the latest filing with the Department of Buildings has a revised height pinned again at 68 stories, or 800 feet at its highest floor. To put that in perspective, the neighboring Manhattan Bridge is only 330 feet tall, and just 170 feet at its roadway—meaning the building will be nearly five times the height of the bridge’s road deck… As such, with surrounding buildings rising no higher than 200 feet (the current tallest in the area is Two Bridges Tower at 21 stories) and its location facing the East River Esplanade, pretty much any unit above the 20th floor will have panoramic views of the Midtown, Downtown, and Brooklyn skylines.

There will be about 800 condo units, plus another 200 affordable rental apartments in a neighboring building with a so-called “poor door.” Extell is scheduled to brief community members (and listen to their grievances about constriction issues) July 29 at 6:30 p.m. in the Two Bridges Tower Community Room, 82 Rutgers Slip.

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  1. Anyone able to do a graphic of the shadowing affect of this on nearby park(s) and neighborhood? Community Board 5 has done extensive research on the affect of shadowing on Central Park (Sunshine Task Force) due to overbuilt ‘superscraper’ needle buildings. Shadows can make parks unusable in fall and winter where lack of sunshine can drop the temperature of a park by as much as 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

    “The Task Force focuses its work on the cumulative effect of outsized development on our infrastructures as well as our natural resources, including access to air and sunlight.
    The Task Force is evaluating the impact of new construction and will make policy change recommendations so that NYC zoning laws adequately take into account new construction trends and techniques for extremely large and tall buildings, in order to protect New-Yorkers vital access to air and sun light.”

  2. Wait til the tenants find out there is nothing there as far as shopping and recreation. I hope the richy rich like Rice & Beans, McDonalds and Chinese Food. There is no affordable supermarkets since they aren’t replacing Pathmark. That building is going to stick out like a sore thumb once built. Trying to mix the poor with the rich will cause social problems that will cause some tempers to flare.Im glad I’am moving out of here after 16 years. Good Luck!

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