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seward park

Tuesday, May 5, 2015 | Here’s a photo from H. Spencer Young taken in Seward Park | Weather: A mix of sun and clouds today with a possible stray shower and a high of 81 | Happening Today: It’s Cinco de Mayo! | Send us your photos and tips | Subscribe to our daily email.

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  1. Nice….does anyone know what kind of bird that is?

    (Actually I already asked this the other day, don’t understand why this was not allowed through by the moderator?)

  2. Mica, a pigeon really! From that view with it’s wings all spread out it looks so majestic.
    Actually I think pigeons are very under appreciated. Their back and wings have these beautiful shadings and patterns, and the back of their neck often have a beautiful iridescence in the sunlight. Thanks for answering.

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