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“Tables on Grand” Still In-the-Works For Former Shalom Chai Space

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357-359 Grand St.
357-359 Grand St.

In September of last year, we reported that local businessman Nathan Sklar intended to open a new restaurant in a storefront vacated by Shalom Chai, the kosher pizza establishment. The property owner, the Seward Park Cooperative, had just chosen Sklar over several other applicants for the space. Seven months later, the Co-op has announced that the two sides finally have a signed contract.

The restaurant, named “Tables on Grand” has a 15 year lease. A few weeks ago, The Lo-Down spoke with Sklar, head of the Comprehensive Companies, and Dean Tischfeld, his partner. Much has been made about the fact that their spot will be serving kosher food. But Sklar emphasized that they are aiming to create an upscale Mediterranean restaurant that happens to be kosher. In other words, it will be aimed at a broad audience.

There will a hearth oven and a menu revolving around fish, pastas, pizzas, etc. There will be a full bar on the main floor, with kitchen facilities on the lower level. They’re planning to create outdoor seating on Grand Street as well as in a backyard area. A restaurant consultant, Arlene Spiegel, has been hired to launch the restaurant.

Sklar said he thinks renovations will be complete in three to four months.


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  1. 15 year lease. What a mistake this place is. IF it actually opens I give it 2 years before Seward Park is looking for another tenant. And to think they turned down real restaurants offers.

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