Progress Report: Hedy Pagremanski’s Lower East Side Paintings

hedy synagogue april 2015
Hedy Pagremanski’s unfinished painting of Beth Hamedrash Hagadol; March 2015.

Last fall, we introduced you to 85-year-old Hedy Pagremanski, a prolific painter, who has been documenting old New York before it fades away. We stayed in touch over the winter months, as Pagremanski worked to complete two new Lower East Side paintings. The Lo-Down recently caught up with her following a lecture on the synagogues of New York City.

Here’s a look at Hedy’s painting of Beth Hamedrash Hagadol, the distressed landmark at 60 Norfolk St. While plans to demolish the city landmark were put on hold, the building’s future is by no means certain. There have been talks with various investors, including the Essex Crossing developers, to restore and repurpose the 164-year-old synagogue. Nothing firm to report, though. Once the weather warms up, Hedy and her husband Eric will likely be back on the streets of the Lower East Side to put the finishing touches on the painting.

Hedy Pagremanski last fall on the Lower East Side.
Hedy Pagremanski last fall on the Lower East Side.

Hedy is also working on finishing a painting of 400-402 Grand streets, the tenements set to be demolished in the months ahead for Essex Crossing. Here’s what that painting looked like a few months ago.

hedy 400 grand street november 2014