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Lower East Side Producer Sues Kanye West, Damon Dash Over “Loisaidas” Film

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Cover art from Loisaidas debut album.
Cover art from Loisaidas debut album.

A Lower East Side-based music producer has filed a federal lawsuit against Kanye West and Damon Dash, accusing them of stealing the name “Loisaidas” for their new film. Michael Medina of 848 Enterprises told Page 6 he trademarked the name in 2011 for the Latin duo he represents.

The producer believes the movie promotes drug dealing and violence. “I’m disgusted that they’re taking a brand that I made and built and turning it into something that it isn’t,” Medina said. He tried to talk to the hip hop moguls about the trademark issue last year while the film was in production, but Medina said, he was turned away by security.

Medina is acting as his own attorney and is seeking unspecified damages. “I’m not in this for a paycheck,” he told the Post, “but I’m not going to let anyone use something that I worked hard for, that I’ve branded, that’s under my label.”

The term, “Loisaida” took hold in the 1970s, after it was coined by Puerto Rican poet and community activist Bittman “Bimbo” Rivas.

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