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Essex Crossing Update: Warhol Museum Replacement, Closing of Ludlow Street Parking Lot

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Ludlow and Broome streets, looking at Essex Crossing site 1.
Ludlow and Broome streets, looking at Essex Crossing site 1.

It’s time for another Essex Crossing update. Last night, representatives of Delancey Street Associates, the consortium building the nearly 2 million square foot residential and retail complex, briefed members of Community Board 3’s land use committee.

They noted that the public parking lot located between Essex and Ludlow streets at Broome Street would be shutting down tomorrow. The parcel, known as Essex Crossing site 1, will eventually be home to 55 condominium apartments as well as retail and a below ground bowling alley/entertainment complex. An adjacent building was supposed to serve as an annex for the Pittsburgh-based Andy Warhol Museum.  But, as you may be aware, the museum pulled out of the project last month.

In response to a question last night, Annel Cabrera of Delancey Street Associates said the development team is in search of a replacement — an institution with a “similar mission,” and one that is in line with the local community’s expectations. She said some ideas would be shared during an upcoming meeting of a community task force that advises the developers on a quarterly basis.

While some of the architectural plans for the building were specific to the Warhol Museum, the developers said they do not want the changeover to delay construction. A “white box” space is going to be prepared for the new tenant. The development team had agreed to pay construction costs for Warhol, but it’s unclear whether they intend to make a similar commitment for a new tenant in the cultural space.

site 1 parking lot

site 2 a

site 2 d

Meanwhile on site 2, demolition of the former Essex Street Market building is nearly complete. A small section of the 1940 structure remains around an MTA escalator leading to the Delancey Street subway station. The developers are working with the transit agency to make sure nothing is disrupted when the last bit of the frame is taken down. Crews are working on clearing debris from the site.


Finally, they’re working on putting up a construction fence around site 5, at Clinton and Broome streets. Next week, demolition is expected to begin on the old fire house. Cabrera said it should take about 10 days. Here’s an update regarding sidewalk access posted on the Essex Crossing website:

By April 14th (today) construction fencing is anticipated to cover the north end of the site. Subsequently, fencing along the remaining south side of Clinton Street and Suffolk Street will begin and should be completed by April 20th. Throughout the demolition, sidewalks along Clinton, Broome and Suffolk Streets will be closed. Sidewalk closure signs will be posted and pedestrians will be asked to cross the street and use the available sidewalk on the east side of Clinton Street and west side of Suffolk Street. Grand Street will remain available for pedestrian traffic.

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  1. I’d love to know what the official parking situation is there (in front of the old firehouse). Tuesday/Friday spots are so limited. Any idea? There aren’t any no parking signs but some workers said its parking for them (doubting that is true).

  2. They have constructed the fence right to the curb, not sure what it means for parking. Also people are now forced to walk in the Clinton bike lane which has impatient drivers turning into quite often. Somebody’s gonna get hit.

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