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City Council member Margaret Chin Plans to Run Again in 2017, But Then What?

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Margaret Chin at campaign rally in 2013.
Margaret Chin at campaign rally in 2013.

NBC News’ website is featuring a long profile of City Council member Margaret Chin, who represents the Lower East Side and Chinatown. The piece details her path from young community organizer to local politician:

Chin, 61, has spent much of her adult life getting to the bottom of things in Manhattan’s Chinatown, the neighborhood where she grew up and where she has served in public service for decades. Her plain talk on education, affordable housing and quality-of-life issues earned her the support of many Lower Manhattan residents, who sent her to the City Council in 2009, and again in 2013. But at times her views have also put her at odds with some Chinatown residents and Chinese Americans – most recently when she called for the indictment of a Chinese-American police officer accused of fatally shooting an unarmed black man.

At the very end of the story, Chin alludes to her future plans:

Chin said she plans to run again in 2017, but chuckled when asked if she would seek higher office after that. “I think I’ll be happy to complete my term in the City Council, and then I can spend time to do things I never had the opportunity to do,” said Chin, whose husband is a public school teacher and whose 33-year-old son, a photographer, is taking classes to become certified to teach high school. When pressed to name one thing she would do, Chin let out a long laugh as she thought of an answer. “There are so many things,” she finally said, “but probably learn how to play the piano.”


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  1. This NBC article really normalized Margaret Chin’s image. It’s very model minority type of coverage – I didn’t know she cofounded AAFE – I thought she was second generation. I only know NBC’s Chinatown coverage from a past clip of my rent controlled tenant (at the time or still who knows) at some kind of meeting at Chinese Benevolent on Mott Street which was odd that NBC took the trouble to go down there and roll cameras. Who at NBC decides what to cover in Chinatown?

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