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Help Us Pick the Best Car Service on the Lower East Side

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This week we launched our Best of the Lower East Side Reader Survey.  We want to know your choices for shopping and services across the board, but here’s one category where we need as much feedback as possible.

Tell us your pick for the best car service on the LES. It’s not always easy to find a cab, especially below Grand Street. Oftentimes, local car services are faster and cheaper than taking your chances with a taxi.  Which company has the best prices? Which ones are most reliable and have the best customer service?

The local companies are, no doubt, feeling the pressure from the Uber invasion. Are you making the conversion or staying with the home grown operators? Here’s some basic information to get you started. In the first couple of days of our survey, the companies most frequently mentioned are: Delancey Car Service, New Day Car Service, Allen Car Service (no website) and Good Luck/Lucky Express Car Service. No company lists detailed rates online. New Day and Delancey both publish airport rates ($40 to Laguardia, for example).  As a reminder, taxis charge $2.50 upon entry and 50 cents per each minute or 60 seconds (depending on traffic volume).

Head on over to our Best of the LES page to take the survey!

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  1. I have had several unfortunate experiences with Delancey. Once, when I called a car for my mom, Delancey had nothing available. So, I asked the dispatcher since I had just moved to the LES and knew no one else, who else could I call? He refused to provide a name or number Then, last July 4, I was on hold for 5 minutes with a recording telling about what excellent service they provide, with no one picking up. And when I had to use a Delancey SUV to pick up a mirror and tote it home, the driver was careless, dropping my mirror and cracking it. This place seems to echo the famed old LES with a surly customer-be-damned attitude. I don’t know that the other services are any better. Perhaps they have this attitude because so few alternatives exist. Delancey, however, could surely use better customer relations.

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