Morning Reads: Cuomo & de Blasio Check Out San Gennaro, LES Galleries Still Strong, “Bendy Tree” Prayers

The mayor and governor visit San Gennaro (NY1).

If the Democrats take control of the state Senate, Mayor de Blasio will seek to take control of the city’s rent regulation destiny. Not so fast.  A source in Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver’s office says: “We’ve always stood for the strongest rent regulations… (But) the question is whether (the Assembly is) willing to cede the oversight of that” to the city.” (Daily News)

Opinion: Rent vouchers could help solve the “poor door” dilemma (Crain’s).

Three young architects are floating the idea of using parking spaces as a way of leveraging more affordable housing (NYT).

The Manhattan Borough President announces a partnership with CUNY to help community boards mine city data (Gotham Gazette).

Critic Jerry Saltz was impressed during a recent visit to Lower East Side galleries (Vulture).

Reverend Billy stops by Tompkins Square Park to say a prayer for that doomed “structurally unsound” tree (EV Grieve).