Bianca Monica Returns to Piano’s Tomorrow Night

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Fresh off the heels of recording an EP, TLD contributor Flora Theden caught up with the singer to chat about her upcoming show and burgeoning career.

If you’re looking for an inspiring show to unwind to this weekend, check out singer/songwriter Bianca Monica, who will return to Piano’s on September 6th at 11pm.  Bianca’s self-described “pop/rock with a lot of feelings” is soulful and melodic, and the singer draws inspiration from classic artists like Bob Dylan and Eric Clapton, as well as indie artists like The War on Drugs, The Damnwells and Whiskeytown.

“I’m drawn to how intimate Piano’s is – from the lighting to the size of the room – everything feels within reaching distance,” she says. “I could easily bump into the guys in the band. I could easily reach my hand out and touch someone. I like being close to people and feeling that energy.”

You can listen to her iTunes single, Lost, here:

What’s the writing process like for your songs?

I collaborated on the EP that I am planning on releasing next. I was going through a lot when I was working on that record and I think it’s really difficult trying to make a piece of art when you’re so emotionally wrapped up in everything happening in your life. It was a collaborative effort between me and Tommy Eichmann, a very talented musician and producer here in New York. He pulled a lot out of me and I’m lucky to have worked on it with someone who’s known me since I was 14. A time when I had crazy bangs and fronted an alternative rock band full of dudes.

Do you draw inspiration from your neighborhood (Nolita) and the LES? ​

My surroundings inspire me every day. I’ve been writing a lot of new music now, and it’s so difficult not to incorporate a street name or a specific corner or place.

How has your sound evolved since you first started writing music?

I feel like my sound is always evolving. The more experiences I have, the more shows I play, the more I rehearse, the more songs I write, my sound matures and changes. I think that’s a really awesome thing.

Which song are you most looking forward to playing?

I think Lost is a really fun one to play because it’s the only one I’ve released on iTunes and Soundcloud so far. It’s the best feeling when you look out and people are singing your song back to you.

What’s been the biggest challenge in your music career so far?

Trying to find a band. Since it’s a solo project, it’s been difficult trying to find the right mix of guys to play with that have great chemistry on stage and in rehearsal. It took a year, but it was worth the wait and it finally feels right.

What’s next for your music?

Writing, re-writing, and playing shows. I’m opening up for Anna Nalick on November 7th at Mexicali Live in Jersey, which I’m so excited about. I remember her song Breathe (2am) was one of the first songs I learned on my keyboard in the 8th grade. So bizarre how things happen sometimes.


Saturday, September 6th // $10 at the door // 11pm // 158 Ludlow Street