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The Harmonica Lewinskies Come to Pianos

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If you’re looking for a fun, late night show after the stress and monotony of the week, perhaps you’ll find comfort in letting loose with New York-based band, The Harmonica Lewinskies this Friday.  Infusing their songs with a certain lighthearted exuberance, this soulful, jazzy, and at times country-sounding octet will be playing a midnight set at Pianos.

One standout quality from The Lewinskies is their versatility of sound.  Their EP, “Salad Days,” which was released in March of last year has a very swingy, bluesy feel that is often layered with smooth trumpet and saxophone.  However, many of their other tunes lean towards more of a country or even electronic take so at times, it is hard to believe the same two songs came from the same band.

Regardless, The Lewinskies’ music is always full of charisma and surprises — hence the group’s name.  Self described on their website as being “the type of band you’d bring home to your momma and in two months time, your momma would be dating them,” these eight young musicians radiate with plenty of personality for the stage.  And if their videos, like “Sari Girl,” are any representation of what they’re like live, this show should feature some dancing, lots of charm and a whole lot of fun.

Find out more at Bandcamp.

The Lewinskies // Friday, August 15th // 11:45 p.m. // $10 // Pianos – 158 Ludlow St.


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