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Morning Reads: A Shiny New Project on Chrystie Street, New Slow Zones, Lucky Cheng’s at the DL

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  1. Re: the boxy white structure on Chrystie: “another step forward in the revival of the Bowery..” I wish gentrifying folks would spare us their largess in “reviving” our communities. See, from our standpoint we’ve lost CBGB’s, Kate Millet (along with other working artists and musicians), the last Bowery Dance Hall, Tonic, a low skyline, the chance for archeological discovery as the New Museum built atop the African Burial Ground, working class communities and working class communities of color, etc. We get further and further from the interesting and diverse and unique world we used to love. You can label it as a ‘new arts venue’, fine, but artists work in communities that sustain them. No young artist without a trust fund can live here now.

    As to the “…residential tower atop the base…” that “…would line up perfectly with the… solar grid…” I’m glad you’ll get the sun. The rest of narrow SDR park will have yet more of its vital sun blocked by your high end building while community members who rely on this park for their outdoor life will be in your shade.

  2. Please don’t cast more shadows on the park. Take a coupla floors off the top of this one, and I promise not to talk crap about it. Otherwise, it’s on my list of things I hate about the new Manhattan.

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