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Elected Officials: City Agrees to Begin Enforcing Intercity Bus Law By August 15

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The area around Division and Canal streets has become increasingly congested with intercity bus stops.
The Division/Ludlow Street trinagle has been one problem area for intercity bus enforcement.

As we have reported in recent months, residents are fighting back against the onslaught of intercity buses on the streets of the Lower East Side and Chinatown.  A state law meant to tame the largely unregulated industry was implemented last year but has so far not made much of a positive impact. Now there’s been a tacit admission of what has been obvious to residents for some time: the law isn’t currently being enforced. Yesterday, local elected officials released the following statement regarding the situation:

Today, DOT and the NYPD committed to enforcing intercity bus permit regulations no later than August 15 at a meeting at State Senator (Daniel) Squadron’s office co-hosted by (State Assembly) Speaker Silver, (City) Councilmember Chin, (Manhattan) Borough President (Gale) Brewer, and Community Board 3. The permit system was created by legislation authored by Squadron and Silver. We called the meeting because of the ongoing “wild west” atmosphere created by intercity buses in our community. While there is also an ongoing discussion about lawful permits, it will be impossible to understand our challenge without effective enforcement. We are pleased that the city agencies and local precincts are committed to working as partners with us to take the challenge. Our offices look forward to working collaboratively with the local police precincts, DOT, Community Board 3, and local bus operators to ensure the permit system is enforced properly and within the time frame DOT and NYPD have committed to. This is an important step to improving the quality of life of Chinatown and Lower East Side residents.

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  1. Why does it cost over $100K to operate a hot dog stand in NYC but these bus companies can do it for next to nothing? Even hot dog stand permits require the vendors to spread out over the city instead of operating on the same corner. There are more rules in NYC to sell hotdogs than to run a bus company?

    Enforcement is NOT the answer. The density of buses here is unenforceable.

  2. Exactly! – Enforcement is not the answer!

    The intercity bus burden needs to be spread out across NYC. Just like with hotdog stands, there should be rules about placement and distance between bus stops.

    Instead, NYCDOT actually encourages the grouping of Chinatown bus companies at bus stops on the LES through its permit process. Look at 59 Canal and 95 Canal, with NYCDOT permits for multiple companies!! DOT wants to squeeze in as many as possible to keep the bus mess out of other areas whose residents that might protest more.

    Surely the NYPD does not have the manpower to enforce so many buses from early morning until after midnight each day

    They would need a police force the size of a small country!!

    Even if they did – the bus companies would take the fines in their stride and carry on as they always have.

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