Morning Reads: Rent Board Vote, Subway Safety, First Person: Co-op Living

Will the Rent Guidelines Board vote in favor of a rent freeze tonight? (NYT)

Tracking the city’s most dangerous subway stations (Daily News).

ICYMI from the Sunday real estate section: Sitting shiva – finding a great apartment in the Grand Street co-ops. One new resident, a New York Times political reporter, pens a love letter to her new hood. Oh yeah, The Lo-Down got a nice mention (NYT).

Preservation Watch: Keeping an eye on Tifereth Israel Town and Village Synagogue (EV Grieve).

Remembering the General Slocum Wreck, 110 years later (Big Think).

Room with a view: East River fireworks are a hot ticket (Post).

iMakr, a London-based company, opens a 3D printing shop on Allen Street (Inside 3DP).

The Children’s Magical Garden successfully funds its organic gardening program (Start Some Good).

A “gender terrorist” describes her mission at the LES venue, the Box: “Because I work in a space for a privileged elite who have paid $1,500 to $2,500 for a table, my role is to enhance their sense of entitlement by making them feel superior because they’re seeing something naughty others are not seeing.” (The Forward)