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Gigi Li, Chad Marlow Compete to Lead Community Board 3

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Gigi li, Chad Marlow.
Gigi li, Chad Marlow

Last week, we reported that the upcoming election to lead Community Board 3 was shaping up as a two-way contest between current Chairperson Gigi Li and challenger Chad Marlow.  That’s exactly the way it played out at this week’s full board meeting.  The 50 members of CB3 will make their choice June 24.

Li, director of the Neighborhood Family Services Coalition, was first elected to head CB3 in 2012Marlow is a senior policy adviser at the New York City Department of Health. Prior to being appointed to CB3, he served on four other New York City boards and is a former president of Village Independent Democrats.

In a statement handed out to board members at Tuesday night’s meeting, Marlow wrote that his primary goal is “to ensure that (the) board operates in a manner that is democratic, transparent and inclusive.”  Marlow added, “my sole function as Chair would be to improve the functioning of our board and restore its reputation with our community.”  He pledged to “have an executive committee and committee chairpersons that reflect the diversity of the community board and the community it serves.”  In the statement, Marlow also promised to “respect the autonomy of community groups to decide how they should conduct their own independent advocacy efforts and internal operations.”

In the past year, Marlow has been a leading critic of several decisions made by Gigi Li. Among them: the suspension of the LES Dwellers as a recognized community group and the handling of a proposal to co-name a section of Rivington Street “Beastie Boys Square.” Marlow is a leader of a group of like-minded community board members who have been meeting privately in recent months to discuss their dissatisfaction with the leadership of CB3.

Most recently, Li found herself under fire from another board member, Ayo Harrington, who filed a complaint with the Manhattan Borough President concerning a “failure to appoint any Black or Latino members” to chair CB3 committees.

rosie cb3
Council member Rosie Mendez (left), speaks as Li (second from left), CB3 member Jamie Rogers, District Manager Susan Stetzer and CB3 member Carlina Rivera listen.

During the meeting, City Council member Rosie Mendez took the unusual step of addressing the accusations of discrimination.  “I just want to say I believe that Gigi Li did not intentionally discriminate against any minority group,” Mendez said. “I think maybe she made some mistakes on process and I have told her about that.”  Referring to the investigation being conducted by the Borough President’s office, Mendez said she looked forward to reviewing the findings when the inquiry is complete.

Harrington, the African-American board member who filed the complaint, reacted immediately.  “It’s really not helpful for an elected official to make that type of comment” before the investigation is complete, she complained.. But Mendez stood her ground, arguing that she was free to express an opinion on the matter and that her point of view has no bearing on the Borough President’s upcoming report.

Later in the meeting, Li also made remarks about the accusations and she addressed a late April letter from board member Vaylateena Jones, detailing several suggestions regarding appointments.  Jones called for the establishment of term limits for committee chairs and a more transparent process for choosing chairpersons.

“While there is no one solution to address these issues,” Li said, “I firmly believe that improvements can always be made in how we conduct business.”  She described a few initial steps to increase participation from a wider selection of board members.  Among them: the publication of current assignments on a variety of community-wide advisory panels (such as the Lower East Side BID) and a call for more volunteers to serve within those groups.  Li also said she’s asking all committees to discuss individually whether to appoint a vice chair and/or secretary.  It could be a way, she suggested, to provide additional mentorship opportunities.  Li said the ideas proposed by Jones would be taken up by CB3’s ethics, by-laws and procedures task force.

At the June 24th full board meeting, both Li and Marlow will make their individual cases to fellow members before a vote takes place. There will also be a short question-and-answer period.

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  1. The idea that she’s a racist is such trumped up bullshit. So is the idea that you’re making things more diverse by electing a white guy to replace an Asian woman.

  2. It’s funny that Gigi Li’s supporters are manipulating the situation. No one ever said she was racist–not in any coverage of this story that I came across. It was always about her upholding a system of institutional racism that benefited the status quo while marginalizing everyone else. If anything, it has always been about her incompetence and weak leadership which led to a racist outcome…

    And it is is really insulting J Petrille to everyone’s intelligence that because Mr. Marlow is white means he can’t care about diversity or want a more inclusive and representative board. What about the “Freedom Fighters’, Robert Kennedy Jr, and the many other white Americans who thought standing up for Civil Rights was the right and moral thing to do?

    It comes down to one’s character and actions that a person should be measured by….I don’t care that Mr. Marlow is white. I only care if he does the right thing…

  3. This is not about change for change’s sake. This is about change that is needed NOW for the betterment of all. Institutional memory is one thing when shared in an honesty and accurate way, but the old guard of CB3 has a very selective memory…

    It is far better to have term limits, document information that should be passed on made available for all electronically, video archives so that information from the past can be researched and used, and mentoring that is open and transparent and includes everyone.

    CB3 as it is now has got it all wrong! Time to clean house!

  4. I don’t think that an example of using the internet as a resource is really an example that is new or innovative. It is a requirement that if it is not being used calls for question. Saying that “CB office’s don’t have the funding or time above the massive amount of work they already do” is exactly one of the issues that we need to change. To use excuses of time or task management says that those in charge do not understand operation process or are not able to understand the importance/impact of modern technology.

    Change is the only thing that has happened to the area and it is clear that change of operational cadence and planning needs to keep up with the demand of both the residence and businesses. Information and process transparency is the easiest task that should have been implemented years ago. The fact that it is not being implemented is of concern.

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