Measles Outbreak Spreads to Lower East Side


A measles outbreak that started in upper Manhattan and in the Bronx has now spread to the Lower East Side. Here’s a statement released from NYC Health Commissioner Mary Bassett:

Twenty-five cases of measles have been confirmed in New York City, including three new cases on the Lower East Side. The Health Department has confirmed 12 pediatric cases and 13 adult cases since February. I urge New Yorkers to ensure all household members, including young children 12 months and older, are vaccinated. Measles is highly contagious and can spread easily through the air. If you suspect you have measles, please call your medical provider before seeking medical attention to avoid exposing others to the measles virus. I strongly advise all urgent care centers, emergency departments, and clinics to educate your staff about measles and ensure that all patients who may have measles are immediately isolated.

No specifics were offered regarding the Lower East Side cases. For more information, visit the Department of Health’s web site.