Work Resumes at 180 Orchard St. Hotel Project Following Accident

180 Orchard St.

180 Orchard St.
180 Orchard St.

Work crews are back on the job at 180 Orchard St. hotel project, after the Department of Buildings shut down the construction site 10 days ago.   A 24-story Hotel Indigo is going up on a stretch of Orchard just below East Houston Street that has been a nuisance to neighbors for at least a decade now.  A full “stop work order” was served January 6, after a five-foot piece of wood came crashing down on a car parked on Ludlow Street.

According to city records, the Buildings Department rescinded the “stop work” order on Wednesday.   Since March of last year, the hotel developer, Brack Capital, has been sending out weekly email updates to residents, who have expressed great frustration with the noise and dangerous conditions surrounding the construction site.   Here’s what the company told them last week, a few days after the accident:

We wanted to make you aware that the work onsite was temporarily stopped this week by DOB after a minor accident occurred due to the extreme weather. Thankfully and most importantly, no one was hurt and we are redoubling our efforts to maintain the security and safety of the site. We believe we will resume construction early next week.

180 orchard stop work order

And this is part of the email delivered early this morning:

Operations have resumed on the building and we remain working on the 22nd Floor of the 24-floor structure – the superstructure will likely be completed by mid-February.  Exterior construction has begun on the lower floors and will be completed late in the third quarter of 2014.  At that point, we will begin interior construction and expect to open the hotel by Spring 2015.  The current sporadic need of jackhammers remains and, if they need to be utilized – they will be used beginning after 8:30am and we will make every effort to keep these operations as limited as possible.  Construction during the week will last from 7:00am to 6:00pm and our NYC Department of Buildings-approved work on Saturday goes from 9:00am and lasts until 5:00pm.