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Communion Records to Host Artist Showcase at Rockwood Music Hall

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TLD contributor Flora Theden caught up with folk-pop singer Danny Malone, who will perform Tuesday as part of the Communion Records showcase at Rockwood Music Hall.

The UK record label was founded in 2006 by Mumford and Sons’ Ben Lovett, along with Bear’s Den’s Kevin Jones and acclaimed producer Ian Grimble. One of the hottest up-and-comers featured in the label’s showcase is Austin-based singer Danny Malone, who is fresh off the release of “Sugar Water,” the latest video from the 2013 critically acclaimed album, Balloons.

Malone describes his sound as “melancholy with intense hope and ambivalence,” and referred to his last album as “sexy, dirty songs about the human condition.” Heavily influenced by such diverse performers as Nirvana, Sparklehorse, Pedro the Lion, Cat Power and Motown classics, Malone’s music is complex with a retro quality to it.  The catchy “Sugar Water” manages to weave all of his influences together with delightful sing-song melodies. Folky acoustic guitar compliments a pop-influenced beat and “doo-woop” vocals for an upbeat sound — while sarcastic, witty lyrics like “You’re such a hack of a hypochondriac,” add an angsty undertone to the song.

Mostly looking forward to playing his newest songs, “Leaves” and “The Bad Stuff,” Malone has a surprisingly pessimistic view when it comes to live performances.

“I dread every song. I’m afraid I’ll mess it up,” he says.

But this attitude is part of Malone’s dark persona, and what he lacks in certainty, he makes up for in soulful passion.

“I have an overwhelming need to write and play what I hear in my head. And then a need to show people that it’s happening. That’s all,” he says.

The rest of Malone’s tracks contain wistful melodies and poetic lyrics that set him apart as a solo artist. The self-defined recluse manages to sound sleepy and calm, yet powerfully full of inner conflict.

“I believe I’m pretty different. Just in general. As a human. Or, I’ve always felt that way.” Malone says.

You can catch Danny Malone at Rockwood Hall on Stage 3 at 8:45pm.

Rockwood Music Hall will host an artist showcase on Tuesday, Feb. 4th with performances by Communion Records’ top acts including Danny Malone, Adrian Glynn, Brave Baby, Zane Carney, Oh No Fiasco, Morningsiders and Michael Daves. The event begins at 7pm and tickets are $15 at the door.

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