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Department of Transportation Approves Intercity Bus Permits

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In recent weeks, the Department of Transportation has signed off on a number of new intercity bus stops in Chinatown and on the Lower East Side.

Yo! Bus stop at 2 Pike St.
Yo! Bus stop at 2 Pike St.

Community Board 3 has received notification from the DOT about approvals at the following locations:

  • 2 Pike St.; expanded operations for Yo! Bus; the company asked for an increase from 14 to 28 daily arrivals/departures; CB3 opposed expanded operations.
  • 95 Canal; NYC Style Limo; CB3 supported this application.
  • 30 Pike St.; Pandora Travel; 3 arrivals/departures in a shared stop with another company, Asian  Express (see below).
  • 30 Pike St.; Asian Express; CB3 and City Council member Margaret Chin opposed the application, in part, because the company offers service to casinos in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.
  • 9 Chatham Square; A&W Inc., CB3 opposed this proposal after residents in the immediate area spoke out against the permit in a particularly congested part of Chinatown.
  • 59 Canal; Virginia Seagull Travel
  • 51 Chrystie St.; Blue Sky Bus; CB3 supported this proposal.
  • 47 Chrystie St.; General Bus

The applications were approved under a new permit system that was established as part of legislation in Albany meant to regulate the Chinatown bus industry.  In the past, bus companies were allowed to drop off and pick off passengers at any curbside; now they must participate in the permit system and only stop at designated locations.  The law mandates community board consultation but the DOT is not required to follow board recommendations.

The information provided by the city lacks many details, so we’re working on gathering more specifics.

More to come…


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  1. Why do we even have a CB3? Whats the point? DOT doesn’t give a crap about the community. I’m done with it.

  2. I also give up on the bus issue. It is totally hopeless. The LES shall continue to be overrun by all these junky bus companies So be it

  3. These buses are not only a problem where they stop, but also the routes they take within the City. More and more buses are being allowed Downtown, and the only way they get there is going through city streets. The legislation failed to put quality of life considerations for those near the stops and those subjected to noiser, more polluted and congested streets. The legislation should have included a plan to build a second bus terminal close to the river. It should also have included charges greater than what I think are about $300 a year.

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