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20 Women Recreate Fake Orgasm Scene at Katz’s Deli

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The staff at Katz’s Deli has seen just about everything.  But even they were startled and amused by a scene that unfolded recently. Let’s roll the videotape!

Improv Everywhere secretly staged 20 women at tables throughout the restaurant to re-enact the famous moment from the 1989 movie, “When Harry Met Sally,” which was, of course, filmed at Katz’s.  It was part of the group’s “Movies in Real Life” series.  When it was over, one woman (“Agent Bonnie”) stood up and shouted, “I’ll have what she’s having!”  You can read more about the stunt here.


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  1. Very funny, wish I’d been there. Actually, a woman at the end stood up and said “I’ll have what they’re having” — not the guys.

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