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Video: CB3’s David McWater Angrily Confronts LES Dwellers

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More now on the drama last night between CB3 member David McWater and members of the LES Dwellers neighborhood group.  Gothamist has posted video of the ordeal, and has more from both sides.

Here’s part of the Gothamist story:

According to LES Dwellers’ Marvin Avilez, McWater “got so agitated that he got up, punched through two people, and then came at Sara (Romanoski, a leader of the group) with a finger aggressively pointed at her.” As you can see in the video, things escalated quickly, with McWater vowing to “bury” Aaron Sosnick of the East Village Community Coalition.  “Nothing I say, or someone in the public says, should warrant a physical response,” Romanoski said. “That’s never acceptable. It makes an unsafe, unproductive environment,”  (Dwellers founder Diem Boyd added:)  “We would like to remove him from the Board. We’re going to try to find legal ways, and report him to the Manhattan Borough President.”  Asked about the confrontation, McWater says he has no regrets. “I didn’t do anything wrong,” McWater told us. “I just told her that she has no right to talk to me like that… I have a right to tell people my opinion. I have the same freedom of speech that they do, and I didn’t use mine irresponsibly,” he said. “This whole ‘I’m-going-to-come-in-and-insult-people-and-they-can’t-speak-back-to-me’ stuff is nonsense.”


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