Parents, Chin Express Concerns About New High School Plan

Parents, students and City Council member Margaret Chin rallied yesterday in opposition to a plan to move a second school into University Neighborhood High School’s building on Monroe Street.

university high school rally

Parent leaders learned about the proposal in the last week or two.  Earlier this month, the DOE announced the creation of three new early college and career technical education high schools.  Although the locations were not disclosed, Education Department officials have signaled that the school envisioned on the Lower East Side would be a partnership with the American Association of Advertising Agencies. A press release noted that, “Studying marketing and design inside the classroom, students intern in areas such as advertising, media management, and creative technology at the Association outside of school.”

Parents at University Neighborhood High School say there’s no room in their building to add the new program.  There are around 300 kids in the old building at 200 Monroe Street. The building lacks a gym, lunch room and auditorium, plus classrooms are undersized.  The new school would likely need to accommodate somewhere between 250 and 300 students.

Yesterday Council member Chin said. “there is no room at this school. it’s not a good decision by the DOE.”  The Education Department is expected to formally announce its plan tomorrow or Friday.  A public hearing would be required leading up to a meeting of the Panel for Education Policy in October.