Here’s Community Board 3’s September Liquor License Agenda

Russ & Daughters, 179 East Houston St. Image from the store's tumblr page.

Community Board 3 is out with the agenda for its September liquor license hearing. There are a number of intriguing items, including a possible (emphasis on “possible”) project from Russ & Daughters, the legendary appetizing store. We’re told not to get too excited about the prospect right now, that it’s very premature, but a guy can always hope!

Russ & Daughters, 179 East Houston St. Image from the store's tumblr page.
Russ & Daughters, 179 East Houston St. Image from the store’s tumblr page.

The shop, in business since 1914, is a fixture at 179 East Houston St.  The CB3 agenda includes a listing for a “Russ & Daughters Cafe” at 127 Orchard St. We checked in with R&D management and were advised that there’s really nothing to say just yet.  But that, no doubt, will not keep locals from speculating!  See below for the full lineup.


SLA & DCA Licensing Committee
Monday, September 16 at 6:30pm30pm — University Settlement Neighborhood Center
189 Allen Street (btwn Houston & Stanton Sts) (north of main entrance)

applicant’s name follow by current owner if applicable

Renewal with Complaint History
1. Caffe Prosciutteria (Ballaro Inc), 77 2nd Ave (wb)
2. Heathers (Ariel Inc), 506 E 13th St (op)
3. The DL/Dinner on Ludlow (93 Ludlow St Inc), 95 Delancey St (op)
Applications within Saturated Areas
4. HiFi (Patty McCarthy Inc), 169 Ave A (alt/op/ windows, interior alt, extend license to backyard)
5. Table 12 (188 Ave A Takeout Food), 188 Ave A (wb) (aka 500 E 12th St)
6. Papaya King (PKNY II LLC), 3 St Marks Pl (b)
7. Mikes Burgers & Bar (BAC 115 Corp), 115 St Marks Pl (upgrade/op)
8. Flinders Lane LLC, 162 Ave A (op)
9. Brownstone Lounge and Grill, 240 E 4th St (op) (aka 50 Ave B)
10. East Village Tavern (Sweendog All Stars Inc), 158 Ave C (op)
11. Yemma Bar Corp, 125 Rivington St (op)

12. Ghost Art Lounge (Second Nature NYC LLC), 132A Eldridge Street (op/expand hours)
13. Cafe Khufu (Cafe Khufu LLC), 61 E 3rd St (wb/change in hours)

New Liquor License Applications
14. Copper & Oak (MFM Brandy LLC), 157 Allen St (op)
15. Pure 120 LLC, 120 Orchard St (op)
16. Mee Noodle Shop (Mee Enterprise Inc), 223 1st Ave (wb)
17. Confessional (Kingfish Group LLC), 308 E 6th St (op)
18. Dimes (Two Witches LLC), 143 Division St (wb)
19. Caravan of Dreams (The House of Health Healing & Happiness Inc), 405 E 6th St (upgrade/op)
20. To be Determined, 269 E Houston St (op)
21. Bistro Jules (Bistro Jules Management Inc), 65 St Marks Pl (wb)
22. Figaro Bistro Grill (La Pasta Presto Grill Inc), 344 E 6th St (op)
23. Milosun Sushi Inc, 141 1st Ave (wb)
24. Russ & Daughters Cafe (Fourthgen LLC), 127 Orchard St (op)
25. 99 Cent Italian Taste Pizza, 174 Delancey St (wb)

b=beer only | wb=wine & beer only | op=liquor, wine, & beer | alt=alterations