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Is This the Most Confusing Parking Sign on the Lower East Side?

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essex street parking sign

The email we received yesterday afternoon was titled, “most confusing parking sign on the LES.”  

The tipster sent along these photos to illustrate his point and the following explanation:

(There’s a) 30ft parking space between Beauty and Essex and the Essex medical clinic (Community Healthcare Network, 150 Essex St.). The parking sign is extremely confusing and I’ve seen hundreds of people get ticketed, including my girlfriend last year. So what makes it so confusing? The top sign says ‘no parking’ with an arrow to the right but the signs (underneath) have the (muni-meter) signs saying you can park with arrows. People tend to think that these overrule the above ‘no parking’ sign but are wrong and get ticketed. I’ve attached a photo of two bastards who just got ticketed because of the confusing signs. I think it’s an ambulance zone for the clinic, which is fine but it’s Sunday and the clinic is closed. also they should paint the curb yellow so people know what is going on. I’ve honestly seen too many poor drivers get tickets here and hope you run an article to bring attention to this trap… I understand it is their own fault but this is confusing as hell.

essex street ticketing 1

essex street ticketing 2

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  1. Not confusing at all.

    We have these things called “arrows”. They indicate direction.

    If you are the side of the “no parking” arrow (to the right of the signpost), you can’t park. If you are the side of the other arrows (left of the post), you can (subject to the signs). The first car is clearly in the no parking side…. (the second looks to be too, but you can’t see the signs in the picture so I can’t be sure.)

  2. Am I missing something? This is what I read: No Parking ever to the right of the sign, No Parking to the left of the sign from midnight to 3 am on Tues, Thurs, Sat, and you CAN park to the left of the sign with muni-meter from 9am to 7pm, except Sunday. The only confusing part may be — can you park all day Sunday? (I think yes.) This is kind of a non-story.

  3. Hahahaha. I was reading this and was like “is this dude fucking serious? Am I missing something?”. Thank you.

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