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What Do You Think of the Changes at Grand & Clinton?

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Clinton and Grand streets.
Clinton and Grand streets.

It’s been almost a year since the Department of Transportation began implementing safety improvements in the vicinity of Delancey Street.  At next month’s meeting of Community Board 3’s transportation committee, you’ll have the chance to tell city officials whether you think the changes are working. Specifically, the panel will be focusing on the situation at the intersection of Grand and Clinton streets.  As part of the safety plan, the DOT changed the traffic flow on this stretch of Clinton, allowing westbound traffic on Grand to turn right on Clinton in order to access the Williamsburg Bridge. Some residents are concerned that the change has created frequent traffic backups and pedestrian hazards at this crossing.  The meeting takes place Tuesday, June 11, 6:30 p.m. at University Settlement, 273 Bowery.


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  1. Opening up access to the bridge from Clinton St has not calmed traffic on Delancey at all, as cars are still running red lights and speeding onto the bridge.

    The new traffic patterns have created nothing but long traffic backups on Grand and Clinton which comes with overly loud stereos, honking horns and frustrated drivers who have begun to cut the line of cars waiting to turn with little regard to the bikers and pedestrians in the intersection.

    I don’t recall the traffic being this bad when you could only get onto the bridge from either Suffolk or Essex.

  2. I think it works in general, but I saw a taxi speed down the bike lane the other day, good thing nobody was in the lane. The orginal route still exists so nobody takes it, if they did it would ease congestion I think.

  3. Yes, the traffic was this bad when access was at Suffolk. I live right across the street from it. And Suffolk is a much narrower street than Clinton. Funneling traffic down Suffolk was absurd.

  4. It is not working. The cars at the corner barely let you cross the street. They look as if they are ready to run you down just to get to the bridge.

  5. I have been making deliveries to this area for over 20 years, and this traffic pattern is by far the worst and most dangerous. needs to be changes ASAP!!!

  6. It’s not just the traffic patterns, it’s stupid drivers, stupid cyclist, stupid pedestrians, stupid mofos…

    And can anyone tell me the point of Broome St between Norfolk and Clinton is West-bound for 3 blocks only, was changed from a temporary change into a permanent change…

  7. Making it west bound means cars can still go to Norfolk and get on the bridge, but none seem to do so from Clinton.

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