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Now Showing: Citi Bikes on Stanton Street

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Suffolk and Stanton streets. Photo by Mike Brown.
Suffolk and Stanton streets. Photo by Mike Brown.

From Mike Brown, Citi bikes arrive at Stanton and Suffolk streets in advance of Monday’s bike share launch.


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  1. Such a blight on NYC’s landscape! This is going to be awful! So much for wonderful walks around town; now we’ll have to dodge bikes coming from all directions. So stressful! I much prefer cars on the street- at least they usually obey traffic lights, stop signs, and travel in the correct direction.

  2. Spend a few minutes at any intersection along Delancey St and tell me how cars behave at red lights, deal with turns, etc. and get back to us.

  3. I doubt they will be as detrimental as you imagine. Many European cities that are far older and more historic than NYC and the LES have bicycle shares. They all seem to be managing just fine.

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