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Man Goes After Wife With Cleaver on Canal Street; Firefighters Intervene

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The scene on Canal Street. Photo via Jon Weinstein/NY1 twitter feed.

A dramatic scene unfolded on Canal Street yesterday morning, as a man swinging a meat cleaver went after his wife in a brief but terrifying attack. Fortunately firefighters from Engine 9, Ladder 6, located right across the street from 74 Canal, where the incident happened, rushed in to help.

They quickly tackled the man but the woman, 24-year old Jinyia You, fled.   She was later found and taken to Bellevue Hospital with cuts on her face and back.  According to the Post, firefighters Jose Ortiz and Jesse Trainor heard the couple yelling at each other just before 10:30 a.m. “While we were working on the rigs getting ready for our day tour, I saw a man dragging a woman who was crying and screaming down the street,” Ortiz said. “Once I got closer, the man starts hacking at the woman. He hits her six, eight, maybe 10 times. So, we [he and Trainor] bum-rush him and get him against the fence.”

Video shows a portion of the attack.  Police identified the 28-year-old man as Ming Guang Huang. He’s been charged with attempted murder, felony assault, criminal possession of a weapon and harassment.

After the firefighters tackled him, his wife went running down Eldridge Street.  Firefighter Shane Clarke said he and two police officers caught up with her near Division Street. “She was running down the street screaming, ‘Help!’”  witness Jose Mendez told the Post. At one point the woman slipped into a noodle shop. “She was barefoot and went into the restaurant and then ran back out,” Mendez said. “There was blood on the window. They cleaned it up right away. It was pretty weird.”

The victim is listed in critical condition but is expected to make a full recovery.

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