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Community Board 3 Spells Out Procedures For Block Associations

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Recently Community Board 3 sent a survey to neighborhood block associations and followed up with a letter outlining various procedures these groups should follow.  Block associations deal with lots of different issues — their organizing efforts to oppose, or at least to restrict, liquor license applications at bars and restaurants being the most high profile.

According to the letter, CB3 has updated its list of block associations following Hurricane Sandy, when communication with local residents was all but impossible. It became apparent that the board’s contact list was really out of date, partly due to the fact that local organizations tend to come and go in response to various “hot button issues” on specific blocks. Keeping updated information is a challenge. CB3 typically refers liquor license applicants to block groups.  The same goes for film production studios looking to shoot in the neighborhood, as well as organizations applying to hold block parties.

To make sure associations actually represent impacted residents, CB3 has detailed the following criteria for groups to follow:

  1. For referrals to film production companies or for block parties, block and tenant associations must have at least one annual meeting which must be posted to all within their boundaries. For a block association, this means posting on the street as well as other postings (foyers, etc.). Email alone will never be sufficient. For tenant association, all in building must be notified. Email is sufficient only if every tenant is included.
  2. Block associations must have a publically posted meeting for every SLA application considered. Flyer should be posted on the street for several days and copy must be submitted to CB office. Block and tenant associations must represent a substantial number of residents of their building or block.
  3. When communicating the position of the block or tenant association to CB 3, please submit a copy of the public notice and sign-in sheet.

Associations are asked to send copies of their notices to the board office at info@cb3manhattan.org.   Not sure if there’s an organized group on your block?  You can always find out by contacting CB3 at the same email address.


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  1. Im a block association and I don’t need susan or cb3’s approval, this is a joke. Who died and made you mayor stetzer?

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