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State Liquor Authority Holds Hearing on 106 Rivington; No Decision Yet

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106 Rivington Street.

The saga surrounding a new restaurant coming to 106 Rivington Street shifted to the State Liquor Authority offices in upper Manhattan yesterday.  The applicants, Jose Orlando Rodriguez and Robert Payne, made their case for a full bar at a 500 Foot Hearing (required anytime there are three or more liquor licenses within 500 feet of a proposed establishment).

Community Board 3 was also represented along with representatives of the LES Dwellers organization, which opposes the new restaurant on a block they believe is already over-saturated with bars and restaurants.  In October, CB3 voted to oppose the full liquor license, although they approved a wine and beer only permit.

An administrative law judge will now prepare a report for the SLA.  Yet another hearing will be scheduled before the full board of the Liquor Authority.  Yesterday’s sometimes contentious hearing focused, as the law requires, on establishing whether the new license would be in the “public interest.”  We’ll have a detailed report on Monday.



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  1. Im glad THE LODOWN was present at the SLA meeting to witness who’s really behind all this “SUSAN STETZER” not the so called “dwellers”.First she started by LYING that the applicant has $lobbied$ some of the board members which she didn’t have any proof of, then she claims that there is to much money being poured into this project and that “Rivington Block and neighbors association” which was formed a decade ago wasn’t real because they didn’t have any public meetings,which the board suggested to send out paper work for that now, but used them in the pass when they opposed a applicant,hmmmm I wonder why??? Last but not least they said that out of the 500 plus signatures 451 of them where fake cause diem boyd went to every address and checked personally LOL!!! Well she forgot to go to my house LMAO!!!!JOSE RODRIGUEZ if your reading this you could easily file a (DISCRIMINATION SUIT) against STETZER/dwellers/diem.Im not using the race card here but it’s the plain TRUTH,This person is being harassed from these people this is unjustifiable of what’s being done to this person. STETZER has a history that soon would come to “LITE” stay tuned!!!!P.S. When “STETZER” said that the rock band studio stopped rehearsals at 6pm the judge almost fell of his seat!!!!LMAO!!!!!

  2. The funny part is that the owners of this new restaurant think that the long time latin residents of the LES need a WHITE LINEN haute with a CELEBRITY CHEF in the neighborhood…. $20 entrees for residents that live on subsidized incomes? Puh-Leaze! If you want to serve the neighborhood, why discriminate? Jose and his brother are just using you — once the restaurant is open, you wont get beyond their red velvet rope. Dont fool yourself.

  3. That’s how much double paned windows cost, my man…. The funny thing is that you think it would cost less than $28K. @sean, the next time you sit down to a $20 a plate meal, realize that windows are expensive too. Or maybe that isn’t a concern to you since you are fighting for a white linen restaurant. You and your neighbor friends must be very wealthy?!?

  4. Fiona Green ,Unique name by the way! Where’s SHREK? If this is not racial what is it? What do you call this? A family man born and raised and still living in the neighborhood, wanting to give back to his neighborhood by making his dream a reality, is being crucified like a “bad” person by “Susan Stetzer” and her clowns (the so called dwellers); Claiming he has fake petitions, lying to the neighborhood telling them it’s not a RESTAURANT, but instead a bar/lounge/club!!! Stating in public records of $lobbing$ the board members!!! I could go on for days with this! Last but not least where are the latin opposers in all this??? Ring a bell??? If thats not racial its definitely (PERSONAL)…

    Anyway, as for the “BIG ASS BARS” you are referring to, they are bars not “RESTAURANTS”… And as for the “PUBLIC INTEREST” that’s exactly what this latin restaurant is going to be, don’t forget about DIVERSITY!!!

  5. @disqus_nIEmTnezmk:disqus Sorry to here another person that might have a personal problem with the applicant, why are you guys so easy to criticize without this place even opening, give him a chance to prove himself before you go bad mouthing him or his brothers, you think its only the latins that are going to be there only customers? How transparent are you “neighbor”? Yes we love the mom and pops places but people do want a change once in while or for any type of special occasions. Hey neighbor ask around the L.E.S. about them, ask whoever knows them how they operate there businesses and contribute to there community in every way!!! I think your the “FOOL” here neighbor….

  6. You are missing the point and you need help with your grammar.
    I’m not arguing that they need a chance, nor do I mean that imply that only Latin people will visit the restaurant.

    How is this for transparency: This guy and his brothers are opening on a tiny saturated block. Find another space.

  7. The last couple of comments concerning this story have not been published because the discussion is becoming laced with personal insults. Let’s keep it respectful.

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