F Train Passenger Stabbed at Essex Street Saturday Night

A man was stabbed aboard an F train at Essex Street late Saturday night, the Post reports. The incident happened around 4:20 a.m.

Police say there are two suspects. Officers boarded the train in Brooklyn, at Church Avenue, but did not find the men.

The victim was taken to New York Presbyterian Hospital, where he was treated for the stab wound and released. Police did not release his name.

2 comments to F Train Passenger Stabbed at Essex Street Saturday Night

  • Alarmed .

    There was another stabbing on the F train at 6.45 on the Lexington/ 63sr street station . How Safe are we from these thugs !!!!

  • funny people

    I remember this, sad partthe two young guys the ones being called thugs didn’t start with that man. He was very aggressive towards them the whole time. He got bumped, young man said sorry, guy hits young man, they fight, the other young man was trying to break it up. The aggressive guy was beating the younger guys ass. Then. Pulls out a knife, that’s when his friend tries to grab the knife. Eventually he gets the knife. He tries to get his friend outta harms way and the guy comes at them again. I was there, got off the same stop. Those young guy’s was honestly honestly depending themselves.