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Holidays 2012: Keeping it Local on the LES

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Ian Trask’s unique Christmas ornament is available at Recession Art.

Here are some more suggestions for keeping it local during the holidays — Lower East Side gift ideas.  Send us your favorite neighborhood gift inspirations at tips@thelodownny.com.  We’ll have a new installment of “Keeping it Local” every day this month.

  • Recession Art at Culturefix (9 Clinton Street) is featuring holiday gifts made by local artists, such as this one-of-a-kind Christmas ornament sculpture composed of recycled earbuds and yarn by Ian Trask ($50). There’s also a set of holiday cards featuring polar bears and reindeer in Victorian outfits from illustrator Allison Guy’s Pigeon and Tonic series, limited edition prints by Tate Foley, and a brand new series of paintings from Megan Berk.  You can go by Recession Art or take a look at their online store for more ideas.
  • Revolution Now, the new knitwear shop at 162 Allen Street, has some good deals on sweaters, caps, scarves and even some dog sweaters.  There’s a $25 table up front.  We stopped by last night during the Lower East Side BID’s holiday shopping event, when everything was 25% off, but not to worry.  There are still good values to be had.  You can check out Revolution Now’s designs, featuring bold colors and interesting details, on their web site.
  • Honey in the Rough is having a holiday jewelry sale. Prices are 20-50% off current and past season items.  You can stop by the sliver of a store at 161 Rivington Street or go online to look at all sale items.
  • And Melt Bakery has launched a new line of mini-ice cream sandwiches.  There are special flavors for the holidays, including Brown Butter Pumpkin Meltcake with Eggnog Ice Cream.  Melt delivers or you can stop by their shop at 132 Orchard Street.


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  1. I’m totally into keeping it local, but a quick glance at Honey in the Rough’s sale prices… come on. A $500 sweater? (And that’s the sale price!)

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