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Brown Cafe at 61 Hester Street is Shuttered (Updated 12/2014)

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Brown Cafe, 61 Hester Street.

NOTE: Brown Cafe remains open as a private dining space. Details here.

If you’re a fan of Brown Cafe at 61 Hester Street, you only have one more day to enjoy the little restaurant’s delicious breakfast and lunch offerings.  Owner Alejandro Alocer has made the decision to close the space after tomorrow, following 12 years in business on the Lower East Side.

There’s a notice on the door that reads:

On 1/1/2013 we will no longer operate as a restaurant but temporarily close our doors and focus on the development of our multifaceted projects which include a non-profit food awareness program for public schools.  Both orange and brown (two side-by-side spaces on Hester Street) will remain available for private bookings and events. Please visit www.daydreamerprojects.com to see what we are working on.

Brown is known for its fresh, well prepared breakfast dishes and good coffee.  There aren’t many breakfast options in the immediate area, so it’s a loss for the neighborhood.  On the other hand, gourmet coffee shops (Pushcart Coffee, Cafe Grumpy, Lost Weekend, 12 Corners) have sprouted up in the last few years, creating a lot of competition for brown on the java front.


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  1. Ah yes, I was wondering how long it would take for someone to bring up the price. True, it is/was pricey, especially compared with a diner (Classic Coffee Shop is only a few steps away) or dim sum. But it was nice to have the option.

  2. an option if you decide slum downtown from the upper east side maybe. imo, classic coffee is awful too. cup & saucer is the way to go on the cheap. cafe pasticio is a better upscale joint with higher food quality.

  3. Have to say, I live two doors away and never went back to Brown after once being charged nearly $5 for a teabag, a paper cup and some hot water. Patisco is my go-to breakfast joint in the hood and there are a billion lunch and dinner alternatives.

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